Dr. Jayesh Shah

Into the Periodic Table

262 pages, Hardcover, 42,- €

Cases and analysis of following remedies and themes:

Hydrogen, Lithium carbonicum, Lithium muriaticum, Lithium phosphoricum, Lithium, Beryllium, Barium muriaticum, Boron, Carbonicum acidum, Carboneum hydrogenisatum, Carbons, Oxygen-Ozone, Nitrogen, Minerals.

Einblicke in das Periodensystem

Die zweite Reihe

262 Seiten, Hardcover, € 42,- €

Neuerscheinung auf Deutsch

Seminarscript of Hamburg 2002

110 pages, Softcover, 28,- €

Containing cases of Kalium iodatum, Kalium cyanatum, Lac equinum, Hippomanes, 5 of Lac delphinum, and some of his first experiences with the new method like Cascarilla, Cannabis indica and two of Sinapis alba.
Very interesting cases with all his comments and thinking processes.